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Products & Services

The marketplace today is a jumble of voices competing for your dollars.  Direct sales representatives have their companies’ products to sell and may fit these solutions to your needs.  TriData Telecom closes the gap between your needs and multiple providers with a single point of contact for all your telecommunications services.


Specific products and services we offer are:

Wide area data networking – connect many locations with integrated voice and data communications to increase efficiencies and productivity.


Integrated Access circuits – putting your voice and data communications over a fiber, T1 or cable circuit allows greater flexibility and reduced costs.

Cloud Storage and Disaster Recovery Solutions - ensuring access to your data and safeguarding your critical computing resources.


Hosted IP Telephony service – Your phone system in the ‘cloud’. Free up capital for revenue generation and buy only the services you need.


Call Accounting and Recording Systems – Allows you to monitor and tailor your telephone usage to your calling patterns and needs, and allocate expenses properly to departments and locations according to use. Call recording allows you to tailor your companies’ image and protect your employees from harassment or abuse.



Business Partners – We are honored to be in sales partnership with some of the top companies in their respective fields:

Windstream – a leading provider of advanced data connections to businesses nationwide.  NASDAQ symbol – WIN.


Earthlink Business – Innovative telecom access solutions for business. NASDAQ symbol – ELNK.


Time Warner Cable – metropolitan ethernet solutions and integrated business data products. NYSE symbol – TWC.


CenturyLink - a premier supplier of hosting and Disaster Recovery solutions. NYSE symbol – CTL.


And many more through our relationship with Intelisys® Sales Partnership.